Elite Herb Processor

The springboard to your perfect herb experience, the Potent Crush indulges every one of your senses. Comfortable in hands of any size, the globular design mates with your palm with silky comfort. Patent-pending Ripcurl Teeth disassemble and transform herb into an effervescent & fluffy consistency. Instantly explorable through the Prismatic Jar and quickly accessible through the Magic-Clasp retention system.

Meet your next Crush.

Singularity X

Singularity is the point at which component parts merge to irreversibly become one. This is the theory behind Crush's elegant design. Comfort, utility, and beauty in one place with each tapering perfectly into the other to form something never before seen. Of course this wonderful combination would be nothing without you, the final piece. Hold a Crush in your hand and feel it hold you too.
Join with the Singularity and see what you've been missing.

Ripcurl Teeth

Fluffy, naturally separated herb makes for the finest burn and the best experience. Only Crush's patent-pending Ripcurl Teeth disassemble and deposit herb in a single action. Easily slice through an enormous amount of herbage quickly and efficiently. You’ll never suffer over-processed, pulverized, and compacted herbs again.
Herbs simply separated ready to be enjoyed.

Magic Clasp

A quarter turn to unlock your herbs. Quick and secure, Crush's patent-pending Magic-Clasp streamlines your herbal experience. Six magnets align with three taper locks to keep the Prismatic Jar safely in place. With just the twist of a wrist the magnets disengage for swift access.
Protect, display, and serve… your herb.

Prismatic Jar

It's time to celebrate the herbal aesthetic. See, store, grab, and pour. Crush's Prismatic Jar will manage a massive 150mm3 of herb comfortably. The magnetic magic-clasp keeps herb secure while enabling quick and easy access. Zoom in and magnify to observe the beauty and quality of your quality herb.
Take a look inside, you’re in for something magical.

Service & Support

Lifetime Warranty
Potent’s products are made with durable materials and quality construction. All Potent Crush’s come with a lifetime warranty from manufacturer’s defects. If you have any issues with your Crush just reach out to us at for help. We’ll either get it fixed or if we can’t, we’ll replace it. =)
Cleaning & Care
We designed our Crush to be maintenance and worry free. If you feel cleaning is necessary, use a clean microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. To ensure the prismatic jar remains crystal-clear, we do not recommend using paper towels.
To create the Potent Crush, we utilize the most advanced machining technology available. The upper and mid pieces are machined using high-precision 3-axis CNC and then hardened using anodization. The bottom is a vacuum formed resin mold. All parts are then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath before final assembly.
We are currently servicing the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We are planning to expand beyond North America before the end of 2020.
We understand that your privacy is important. Your order is shipped discreetly in a plain box with a black "potent" logo, there is no mention to indicate its specific contents. The return shipping address and credit card statement will read Potent Fun Corp.
Return Policy
To be qualify for a full refund or exchange the product must be unopened and unused. Returns are not allowed beyond 30 days of the purchase date. Refunds will be credited to the original method of payment. To initiate a return, simply submit a request at
Hardware Update Program
For our earliest adopters, we will be including a year of hardware updates. If you have issues that we believe can be corrected with a hardware update, we'll do that for you. :)


Size and Weight
 :  87mm
Width  :  105mm
Depth  :  105mm
Interior Measurements
Cutting Diameter  : 86mm  
Top Volume  : 32mm³
Jar Volume  :  150mm³
Materials & Finish
Top & Mid Material
 :  Aircraft-grade Aluminum 
Top & Mid Finish
 :  Hand Polished and Anodized 
Jar Material
 :  PMMA Polycarbonate
Jar Finish 
 :  Clear Polished
 :  Ultra-low-Friction PTFE
In the Box

Potent Crush

Protective Travel Tube

Vegan Alcantara Travel Bag

2x Potent Logo Stickers

2x Potent Kraken Stickers